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African start-ups raised $2.02 billion in funding in 2019, a 74 per cent year on year growth (Partech). Ecosystem acceleration is key to strengthening the entrepreneurship in Africa and holds the answer to mass youth job creation.

We are a Caribbean Island And Africa focused firm helping businesses re-locate from any to any country around the globe with a focus on helping companies establish their brands in global markets. We create new markets and facilitate relocation.


We help businesses identify the best partners and the right geographic markets for their products and services. We facilitate with local statutory obligatory requirements.

Africa, Central America And Caribbean Islands

Ready for expansion and that need to raise Project finance? Talk o us, this is our specialty. Debt, Equity, Mezzanine, or any financial instruments.

Trade Promotion

We take products and services from one country or continent to another. We facilitate Trade financing agreements and the best Financial instrument providers for your trading requirements.

Project Developers

We help many project developers realize their Project investment needs. Projects many be at Greenfield or Brownfield stages.


International Expansion And Trade

Companies expanding their footprint globally need to make informed decisions. We engage expanding companies moving into global markets.


We help you answer many difficult questions such as 1. Who are the best investors for your business? 2 Will you get investments? 3.. What type of investor is best for your business? 4.. How do I secure an off-take agreement?

Foreign Direct Investments

Not all projects Are Fundable, is what most project promoters do not understand. Analyzing which ones are fundable can be time-consuming.

Joint Venture Partnering We work with investors that promote JV partnering with the project promoters. This eliminate the requirement for a BANK GUARANTEE often required by most investors that provide debt financing investments.

Equity Financing Funding Model This type of financing is done through your existing company. Typically investors will take minority or majority equity positions. Your company must have existed for a few years with a strong EBITDA. Audited company financials are often required in addition to the cash flow forecasts.


99% financing/ LTV 99% As in Applying for a bond or mortgage of a home, the bank will require a deposit. This model is similar. This will require the borrower to have the 1% of the project cost. Investor guarantee the 99%.


We are a virtual global based team, working across the world, with strong focus on Afrikan continent, and the Caribbean islands. Every member of the Global Partnerships team is committed to our customers, focusing on their respective expertise. In building partnerships we help clients achieve their business requirements.



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Trade Finance

Business Linkages.

Global Expansion.

Investor Search

Global Partnerships

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Foreign Direct Investments (billion)

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The Process

Apply to Raise Capital

Your initial pre-approval application will give us some basic information about your company and your funding needs so we can assess if you would be a good fit for our network of investors. This information is used by our investment committee to assess your application and decide whether or not to proceed with the process. We require the following minimum documents when making the submission. 1. complete and recent business plan 2. if it is a going concern three year audited financial statements 3. Company Profile 4. Financial Projections for the next 3-5 years 5. Envisaged Draw Down schedule of the loan

Investment Committee

Your application will go through an initial screening to ensure that your company and finance terms are a fit for investors. During this process, we will connect with your management team to discuss any follow-up items that may be required. Finally, your deal will be presented to investors.

Due Diligence

If you are pre-approved, by one of the investors, we will conduct detailed due diligence on your company, market, team, and other investment-related factors. Sometimes the investor may want to do this without our assistance.

Meet Investors

We will then connect with relevant, accredited investors who have indicated interest in investing in your venture pr project — by phone, Skype, and/or face-to-face.


We will work with you to complete the final legal documentation with the investors and up to the point that you have received the requested funds to your bank account. Typically, Issuers are charged the placement fee upon successful completion of the capital raising process. We determine this at the onset.

Trade And Finance

Trade and Business Promotion

Deal Facilitation

Economic Development

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The EP Association The Equator Principles (EP) Association is the unincorporated association of member Equator Principles Financial Institutions (EPFIs) whose object is the administration, management and development of the EPs. It was formed in July 2010 and was instituted to ensure long-term viability and ease of management of the member EPFIs. The EP Association is governed by a set of Governance Rules which provide guidance to existing and prospective EPFIs on the internal processes for the management of the EPs. The EP Association Steering Committee co-ordinates the administration, management and development of the EPs on behalf of the member EPFIs.